Polyhedral 7-Die Set

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We can often be our own worst enemy when it comes to keeping our students attention. As an example, we often use the Round Robin technique to ensure students participates equally. The problem with this approach is it signals students that when done participating (e.g. answered the question), it is time to relax, tune out, and ignore the rest of that lesson. What to do? Adding an element of chance and randomness (DICE) into your flow of lessons can greatly increase student participation and attention. You can have students roll to do certain tasks, assign specific tasks you want them to do, or a combination thereof. Remember, the idea is that they will not know when they may be called on and that when their number comes up, the expectation is there for them to participate. Keeping it random prevents your students from getting lax in their attention and sends the very powerful signal that at any time, they are responsible for the information and learning within your classroom. This Polyhedral 7-Die Set with velveteen bag allows you to roll any number at any time!

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8 dice